Membership is open to all and our fees are reasonable.  Membership is for one full year, winter and summer seasons, entitling you to registration with Athletics Victoria, coaching, winter and summer Athletic Victoria handbooks, summer season venue entry and the newsletters of both Athletics Victoria and St Stephens Harriers. 

We cater for athletes and runners across all age groups, so if you enjoy cross country running or would like to compete in Track and Field or just want to maintain your fitness in a friendly and social environment please contact us to see what SSH can offer you as a member.

Subscription Rates 2015/16 including AV Registration Fees 

Registration period is between 1st April to 31st March.  Registrations and payment are processed online at

Open Age Group                                   $230   (AV=$170 and SSH=$60)
U18/U20                                                $190   (AV=$150 and SSH=$40)
U16/14                                                  $170   (AV=$130 and SSH=$40)
Social                                                      $80   (AV=$40 and SSH=$40)
Social (SSH only)                                    $40     Register directly with SSH not AV
Official                                                     $0
Voluntary Club Development Contribution  $20

To find out more about club membership contact club secretary/registrar or come down to one of our training sessions.

If you are ready to join then please apply via the Athletics Victoria website as all registrations are now processed through AV

New membership form:

Renew membership:

NOTE: You’ll also be asked to ensure that cookies are enabled on your computer, as this is necessary for processing payments.

View SSH Member Protection Policy


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