Welcome to St Stephens Harriers Athletics Club.

St Stephens Harriers Athletic Club (SSH) has a long, rich and distinguished history producing a remarkable string of athletes across all disciplines at international and national level who have all contributed to the history of Australian athletics.

The club was founded in 1908 and initially based at St Stephens Anglican Church in Richmond, Melbourne, Victoria.

Currently based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, the club is affiliated with Athletics Victoria and focusses on the AV Cross Country season and middle distance events programed over the summer track and field season.

The club understands that not everyone can be a champion, and so one of our core principles is to create an inclusive environment where members can enjoy the benefits and fellowship of the sport whilst participating at the elite or recreational level of competition. Above all, we aim to ensure all have fun, are fit and have a positive experience while pursuing the sport.

​The club provides access to qualified coaches to guide members at the recreational level through to those who wish to compete at the elite level of the sport. This means members can access formal tailored training programs when training to reach a goal, whether that be a specific level of fitness or a specific event.

SSH is run by volunteers whose contribution is recognized and appreciated on many levels. Without their worktheclubwould not exist. As with all volunteer organizations, new members are asked to give some thought to their ability to assist with the functioning and administration of the club. There are many roles ranging from joining the committee to occasionally assisting with a fund raising/or social activity or assisting as an official at an athletic meeting throughout the season. The club is run by members for members.

The current mission of the club is:

“To build on the strong foundation established over the past 100 years of competition and to provide an opportunity for athletes of all ages and abilities to reach their full potential.”

All new members are warmly welcomed and encouraged to join in the friendships of the club, make a contribution and encourage all to reach their goals in the pursuit of their athletic career.