7595281526_f99d0e1881_mSt Stephens Harriers Athletic Club was formed in 1991 from the amalgamation of St Stephens Harriers (founded 1908) and St Stephens Women’s Athletic Club (est 1969).   New members across all age groups are most welcome and are encouraged to come down to training to try out.

 SSH_COV_Final_150  SONY DSC  SONY DSC  SSH Dereck Clayton

St Stephen’s Harriers – 100 Years is the story of the many hundreds of athletes who ran, threw, jumped, walked , officiated and administered for the club.
The book by Wal Robinson, a club stalwart and current coach, was launched in 2011.  Copies are available by contacting wal.robinson@bigpond.com.

View the latest SSH Journals  April 2014, July 2014, October 2014, January 2015, March 2015, June 2015,October 2015

View SSH AGM Report  AGM 2013/14, AGM 2014/15


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